Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well this week so far... my clutch slave cylinder went bad and I had to baby it home (barely got there ask Justin) haha. My rear brake caliper went out, WTF mate? On top of it all my shoulder is killing me for some reason.

but it wasn't all bad haha. I got to hang out w/ my niece and let her fake drive my car lol. I got to go to hooters sat night w/ the hommies and it was great.

Hung out w/ patrick and Marty sunday which was fun! Marty gave me some baccus D (some Korean energy drink)... I was twitching the whole way home haha.

Then went to a bbq at my sister's house for Fathers day. mmmmm bbq!

and listened to tons of Van Halen!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I haven't done much on here lately... so here is a pictoral of the last month.

This car is so rad...

American drift car builders take notes!


So I have been going to the movies a lot lately. Feels like HS again haha...

-Indiana Jones - Pretty rad and fun. The end was a little iffy for me.
-Zohan - Awesome! Hilarious! Adam Sandler is back and hilarious again
-Ironman - I loved it. Robert Downey Jr. was perfect in it.
-Speed Racer - Awesome special effects!
-Forgetting Sarah Marshall- Hilariously awesome.
-The Strangers - Pretty good, it will make you jump.
-10,000 BC - I liked it because I had just studied these civilizations in school. Laura didn't like it. lol.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Turner field and Crystals!

Helped Southeastdrift.com out with triple threat at Turner field over the weekend and got some seat time. Finally an event in Atl. again. Car felt good but underpowered. Got my new tail lights from patrick... hand delivered from Struka haha. Team Rowdy is so G! Was fun hanging with everyone again. It was hot hot hot!!! After I went to get Korean BBQ w/ Dave, Flip, A, and mikey... it was delicious!