Sunday, August 31, 2008


My car is in s3 Magazine this month. Went and picked mine up from books a million today! Props to Cody Wellons and the guys at S3.... and Brady for snapping that shot.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Saturday was Southeastdrift's Drivers only event. Friday was Laura's Birthday and we went out to buckhead and didn't get home till late so I showed up to the event about 1pm just expecting to help out a little and maybe drive some. Got there and everyone was having a great time. The track layout was really fun w/ a down hill that got you going fast and had enough technical parts to it to make it challenging then at the top was a circle where you could just let it hang out and have a blast! I got to tandem w/ a lot of people I haven't before and learned a lot! Feel like I got so much better and also had so much fun. Marcos brought out his new car and it is pretty dope. He seemed pretty happy with it and the event. One of the highlights is JJ was riding shotgun w/ me and I initiated into the circle and his money started flying out of his pocket and out the window haha... he managed to save the five and lose some ones. Good times.

After the event we all hung out for a while then decided to get some food at R Thomas in Midtown. Andy was right... the french toast rocked! Leaving Andy barely got out of the alley, I cracked my front bumper and broke all the zipties and Byron lost his bumper pulling out haha! Thats how us DM's roll out.

Oh and Nendel brought reps! to real life!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Been a min....

Theres my photo update of the last couple months haha....