Friday, May 22, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Journey's Backyard BBQ!

If you read the Team Rowdy blog you have seen this already.... but I don't care and I want to post it here for my lack of updates. :P

My day at a rained out skate/bmx demo (Journey’s backyard BBQ tour). Met up w/some friends and rolled up to watch and it rained for the first hour or so we were there. So we hung out around the mall. Then we went out and bugged all the vendor girls for free stuff and watched a few of the locals do some demoing since the pros don’t come out in soggy weather haha. Our friend Kyle from lethal injection got out on the vert ramp on his bmx and killed it! Props to him. Watched some bad bands play and talked to random people for a while. After some of us skated in the parking lot while our friend changed his slave cylinder that blew out when he got there. Ended the night at Chris’ (blacktrash) party.

Another un organized update...

Helped mike fix his bumper that got in a fight w/ the rest of the car after a whole car drop off the "track". ;)

and some other pics that for whatever reason I decided were blog worthy.